As we are settling into our new (and still unfinished) campus, we have felt God has challenged us to increase our training here. In 2020, we will be running a number of different 2nd level schools, all with the goal of training and empowering followers of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). These 2nd level training programs are for students who have already graduated from the DTS program.

DTS Workshop

In January we will be hosting a DTS Workshop here in Bali with Elena Ciobo and Barbara Haeni from the International DTS Center.  This 1 week workshop is for those interested in staffing or leading DTS in YWAM.  As Darlene Cunningham says, “The DTS is the heart of this mission, if the heart is healthy, the body is healthy.  If the DTS is healthy, YWAM will be healthy.”  This Workshop will be a great time of learning and laying foundations to establish an effective DTS program contributing to the transformation of lives who will to on to transform nations.


Community Development School

On 24 January, we will be running the Community Development School (CDS).  As believers, many of us have developed ministries to serve practical needs in our communities for the poor and needy.  But how can we ensure that these ministries will have a greater Kingdom impact and be more fruitful?  Sometimes our ideas for serving communities falls apart or at worse, causes more problems.  The CDS will equip students to develop successful ministries that will contribute towards the transformation of their communities.  We see the desperate need for this school to equip Christian workers here in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to have greater Kingdom impact.


Leadership & Pioneering Seminar

On 24 April, we will be running a Leadership and Pioneering Seminar (LAPS).  We will have key leaders and pioneers from YWAM such as Peter & Shirley Brownhill, Steve Cochrane, Tim Svoboda and Sam Dharam coming to teach.  This seminar is an incredible opportunity for current YWAM leaders and those that feel God is leading them to pioneer something new in the future.


Bible Core Course

On 12 June, we will be running the Bible Core Course (BCC).  This school is a 3 month crash course in the Bible.  All missionaries and believers need to have a solid foundation in God’s Word which will benefit them both in their ministries and personal lives as well.  The BCC gives students the tools to continue a lifelong study of the Bible for themselves.


School of Worship

On 18 September, we will be running the School of Worship (SOW).  This program trains students to be genuine worshippers of God, worshipping Him with every aspect of their lives.  Students will also learn about effective principles for prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare to impact nations and unreached people groups for God’s Kingdom.


2nd level schools

Other 2nd level schools we are hoping to run in the future include Foundations in Counselling Ministry (FCM) and School of Frontier Missions (SOFM).  God has established UofN Bali to be an incubator and multiplier for missions.  Through these various training programs, we hope to equip and release more Kingdom workers here in Indonesia and to the nations of the earth.  We appreciate your prayers as we work towards fulfilling God’s vision He has for us here at UofN Bali.


***Pre-requisite to joining a YWAM 2nd level school is successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM. 

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