26 January to 29 June 2024
14 June -16 Nov 2024
13 Sept ‘2024 to 15 Feb 2025


26 January to 29 June 2024
14 June -16 Nov 2024
13 Sept ‘2024 to 15 Feb 2025


The Discipleship Training School (YWAM – DTS) seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.

In the lecture phase, you will learn more about God and His world. You’ll learn not only from lectures but also from community living and practical training. The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience.


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Grow in Jesus

Nature and Character of God

Hearing God’s Voice

The Holiness of God & Fear of God

Biblical Worldview

Grow in Action



Spiritual Warfare

God’s Story

Grow In Relationship


Father Heart of God

Submission and Authority


The outreach phase of DTS here at UofN Bali is an exciting opportunity to go and share the good news and the love of God with those who don’t yet know Him. It’s a chance to put everything learnt during the lecture phase into practice!

As UofN Bali we do not have specific locations that every team will go to on outreach but we do have focus areas. The outreach phase has seen teams go into South East Asia to countries such as China, Nepal and India. About half of the outreach duration will take place within Indonesia and have a specific focus to the eastern regions.

I let go of all my feelings of
tiredness and boredness and felt
that first love for Jesus again.



UofN Bali is a growing, international, family feel community that will make you feel immediately at home even if you’ve travelled thousands of miles to get here!


The DTS at UofN Bali is blessed to have speakers come from as close as Java, Indonesia to as far away as the United States of America and the Netherlands. With their depth of knowledge, their love for God and their experiences of Him in their life you are bound to be blessed week by week.


The DTS at UofN Bali encourages you to get involved with all of the ministries we have here on the base from a huge soccer school to street children ministry to a simple schooling program in a nearby slum area. There’s something for everyone!


The DTS at UofN Bali has a real ‘walking together, growing together’ feel. As students and staff our common goal is to know God more and to make Him known to the world.


The DTS at Uofn Bali attracts students from around the world and you can enjoy getting to know your new friends from all different countries, islands and cultures.


Bali is not only one of the most beautiful, most popular tourist destinations in the world but it is home to some of the most beautiful, friendly people in the world and they are waiting to welcome you here!