Are you wondering where in Southeast Asia you could spend some time serving in a missional community? Where you can grow deeper in your faith while serving those who have a desperate need? Where long-term workers value your skills, time and service? Where your prayers, efforts, love and friendships will echo into eternity?

Volunteer pricing and includes housing and three meals a day. All volunteers serve for a minimum of 21 days but maximum of 6 months. Provided UofN housing is with other volunteers, staff, or students. The campus for UofN Bali incorporates multiple properties within a 10 min walk from each other and the beach, restaurants, cafes, ATM, local markets and grocery stores. Previous volunteers have chosen to rent motor scooters for transport between these locations and to experience the sights of Bali during their time off.

Your willingness to serve with the needs of our community is deeply appreciated. Far from a resort vacation, expect to spend at least half of your day joining members of the community in daily “work-blessings” like meal prep/cleanup, building upkeep or cleaning. All volunteers join twice weekly morning gatherings for worship, teaching and prayer. You will have weekly access to one of the staff mentors for personal growth, discipleship and prayer.

Previous YWAM involvement is not required for volunteers but all long term staff have completed YWAM DTS. For more information about doing at DTS at UofN Bali click here.


You must have a valid passport with an expiration date at least six months after the conclusion of your departure, or else you may be barred from entry into Indonesia. Please check visa information for your nationality. If you are unsure, you may contact us for confirmation.


Arranging transport to and from the UofN Bali is your responsibility. Travel/flights should not be booked until your application has been accepted.

Mission Opportunities

Your will be invited to join one or more of our ministry opportunities.

Some options include:

Benoa Kids


Spiritual Mapping (Matrix)

Kitchen Ministry

Goa Gong Pintar

Homeless ministry

Prison ministry


Volunteer Fees

21-30 days

World A & B: 110.000 IDR per day

World C: 85.000 IDR per day

31+ Days

World A & B: 100.000 IDR per day

World C: 70.000 IDR per day


Volunteer Enquiry Form

If you feel led to volunteer with us please start by filling out this form:

Volunteer Enquiry

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