April 24 – June 5, 2020


April 24 – June 5, 2020


Do you have a dream to see something new started that can help expand God’s Kingdom in Asia?  What would it take to go from dreaming it to doing it?  The Leadership and Pioneering Seminar (LAPS) is a 6-week intensive seminar for those who have a God-given vision and want to be equipped in how to make that vision a reality.  Whether it is starting or multiplying existing ministries, YWAM locations, training schools, church planting movements, businesses, etc., you will be encouraged and equipped with practical leadership training to help you take the first step toward your vision. 

You will receive input and be mentored by experienced leaders who have pioneered, established, and seen growth and fruit here in Asia.  They will be able to address specific issues regarding pioneering in the context of Asia or as an Asian being sent out.   Ongoing coaching or mentoring is also available after the course for those desiring continued support for their projects.



Priority is given to students who have already completed a YWAM DTS.  Other students will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Potential students must already have a specific vision / project in mind that you would like to develop and eventually pioneer.  You also need to have a letter of recommendation from a YWAM leader who is also aware of your vision (or pastor / spiritual elder if not in YWAM).


As you learn more about our history in YWAM, including our Foundational Values, Covenants and Legacy Words, the spheres of society, and domains of authority, you will learn how to apply them in your own vision.

The Life of the Leader

How can you grow in your own leadership so that you can bear healthy fruit through your vision? Great emphasis is placed on the personal life of the leader, their spiritual disciplines and character.

Project Development & Principles of Pioneering

Following a proven 5-step process of charting your vision, you will learn how to create a specific actionable plan that is faith-filled and achievable.

The apostolic is a key part of our YWAM DNA. See lasting transformation and multiplication happen as you dream with God.

We can help customize an internship that will assist you in the development of your project. Through our extensive network of ministries and elders throughout Asia, you can gain valuable experience with an established ministry in the field that you wish to pioneer. As you deal with real-life situations you will gain greater context for the development of your own vision and recognize areas of your project plan that may need adjustment. You will also be coached in your own leadership skills as you continue to identify both areas of strength and areas for continual development.

Week 2 Visionary Leadership
Week 3 Spheres & Domains
Week 4 Development Principles
Week 5 Servant Leadership
Week 6 Apostolic Principles

The First in Asia

We have the privilege of being the first location the LAPS is being multiplied outside of Perth, Australia


We understand the specific needs and issues of pioneering within an Asian context and for Asian peoples being sent out to other nations.

Gateway Island

Bali is an international gateway with easy access to locations across Indonesia as well as the ASEAN nations and beyond.

International Speakers

Our speakers are all long-term YWAMers with regional and international leadership roles and extensive pioneering experience in Asia.

International Community

Live and learn in an amazing community with staff representing all 6 continents and multiple islands and tribes from within Indonesia.

See Pioneering in Action

UofN Bali is continually pioneering new local ministries and community development projects, multiplying YWAM schools, starting movements among the unreached, and sending out individuals and teams to pioneer in new locations both within Indonesia and internationally. Pioneering is in our DNA!