So you're trying to find out where to bring a team? Where can each of your team members grow deeper in their faith while serving those who have a desperate need? Where do long-term workers value your skills, time and service? Where will your prayers, efforts, love and friendships echo into eternity?

Ministry Opportunities

Your ministry opportunities can be customized to work with multiple ongoing ministries from UofN Bali or other organizations. Some options include:
-Benoa Kids
-Rehab Center
-Prison Visitation
-Goa Gong Pintar



Everyone on your team should have a valid passport with an expiration date at least six months after the conclusion of the outreach, or else they may be barred from entry into Indonesia. Please also check visa information for each nationality on your team. If you are unsure, you may contact us for confirmation.


Arranging transport to and from the outreach destination is the responsibility of each team. Travel/flights should not be booked until your application has been accepted.


Cost will be customized to the availability of housing the needs of each team.


Team enquiry form

If you feel led to bring a team please submit the form below:

Team Enquiry

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