UofN Bali is a family in God called to be an incubator and a multiplier in missions.

We value right relationships with God and with one another.
We value hearing and obeying God radically. We value a lifestyle of worship,prayer and intercession. We value reaching out and impacting our community. We value hospitality.


Training Schools

As UofN Bali our heart is to raise up Indonesian and International missionaries that are ready to take on the world. Not by teaching them just head knowledge but through personal revelation and transformation.

Reaching out

Everything that we do here at the UofN Bali is about missions. It’s about making God known in the nations. Our staff are reaching out locally and internationally, facilitating outreach teams and pioneering new ministries in new ways.

YWAM community

It’s not all about learning and working hard. It’s also about playing hard. Living in a community is the greatest engine for missions, we get taught, we learn to care for others, we take responsibility and we get to have lot’s of fun!