26 January - 22 April 2024


26 January - 22 April 2024


As we are living in a post-modern society that is floundering in a world of relative truth, it is essential as believers that we have a solid biblical foundation.  As we build our lives, families, communities, and nations on the solid truth found in God’s Word, we can see nations healed and lives transformed.

Inductive study

Read through the entire Bible in community
Learn the steps to the inductive Bible study method

Intensive Study

Study one book from each genre in the Bible – Gospel, Paul’s letters, a General Letter, Revelation, a book from the Pentateuch, OT Historical book, Poetical book and a book from the Prophets.
Learn the timeline of events in the Old and New Testaments

Apply & Share

Learn the basics of communicating the Word through teaching, preaching and small group Bible studies
Be challenged to apply what you learn from God’s Word

The BCC is a three month intensely focused Bible program that will give you the tools to study the Word of God both on your own and in group settings. The heart of the school is to open the door for the student to fall in love with the depth and richness of the Word of God. We aim to reveal how deeply it speaks to our lives and ministries and how the Word has the power to reshape our own hearts and the hearts of those we come in contact with.

Don't fall into the trap of studying the Bible without doing what it says.
Francis Chan

Island of the Living God

Come and enjoy studying the Bible at our new UofN campus.

New Campus

Come and enjoy studying the Bible at our new UofN campus.

Tropical climate

Bali has a warm tropical climate year round. Enjoy studying the Bible in a tropical setting.

Beautiful Bali

Come and experience the beauty of the Balinese people and the island where they live.

Cross-cultural environment

Bali is a place where the nations come to gather. We have an international campus with staff and students from 6 continents gathering here to follow Jesus.

Gateway to Indonesia

Bali is a great place to learn more about this beautiful nation of 13,000 islands and 260 million people.