The Soccer Ministry started 2 years ago but before we already serve the local balinese soccer club for 3 years.

We have started a Soccer club for children out of our village and surrounding villages. We train multiple times a week and hold competitions with other teams. We not only train our kids physically for soccer but also teach them values and character.

The ministry has grown a lot and know we also teach them english and mathematics one time a week, visit their families and started a make-up workshop for mothers.

You can be a volunteer for one up to six months or even as long term staff an be a coach in for our children on the soccer field. Outside of the soccerfield we do home visits and we do tutoring for the children that are connected to the soccer ministry.

We are involved with the community around us. But we are touching many others through our relationship with other Soccers schools in Bali. And 50% of our children are from others islands in Indonesia, so we are able to impact many families.

Do you love sports and do you love children, well then this is the right place for you!