YWAM School of Worship begins September 2016

After a few years break, UofN Bali is pleased to announce that the School of Worship has returned and will begin on the 9th of September, 2016. We are looking forward to seeing people from the nations and from across Indonesia to gather here in Bali to learn more about what it means to be a genuine worshipper of God whose life impacts the nations.


We become what we behold

Here in Bali, we are located in one of the most diverse nations of the world with numerous different people groups, religions and languages represented here. Indonesia is like a beautiful mosaic of peoples, each one unique and beautiful and loved by God. God longs for the nations to know Him, to understand Him, to fall in love with Him and to worship Him. As people do this, they become more like God or more like Jesus if you will because of this simple principle – ‘We become what we behold (or worship)’.

As a result, people become more of a blessing to their families, their communities and their nation. This is what it means to see God’s Kingdom come, His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Through the School of Worship, we want to see God’s dream fulfilled, nations transformed and more people being swept into the kingdom to come and worship before His throne.


Our worship is not just personal

Worship can be a deeply personal experience, but God doesn’t want it to just remain a personal experience. Yes, God loves us so much! But, He also loves those around us, those outside our churches, and those around the world, even those that do not know Him. Our relationship with God was never meant to be something that just remains a personal experience.

This relationship was designed to break out and to touch and impact the lives of others. After all, this is the heart of God! As we come before God in worship, awe, and adoration, as we interact with Him and give Him the praise He deserves, we should take a moment to hear what is beating in the heart of God. In His heart you will hear His passion for the nations, all the nations, every single last people group from the well-known to the completely unknown.

As we worship God, let us catch His heart and bring various individuals, various peoples, various nations before His throne, interceding for them that they too will experience this amazing relationship with God. They too will experience this amazing love of God. They too will surrender their lives, give everything to God and worship Him. This is the type of worship that is more than just singing some songs or an emotional experience. This is the type of worship that transforms us and transforms the nations.


A Testimony

Here is a short testimony from one of our previous SOW outreaches here in Indonesia: “We were having a time of worship at the beach where a lot of people come to hang out in the afternoon. While we were worshipping and declaring who God is in that place, a group of young people from the local people group suddenly came to us and joined us in singing. Even though they didn’t know any of the songs, we believe that God was planting seeds in their hearts. As we lifted our hands in praise, they did the same. Afterwards we taught them a song along with some of the actions. As we were about to finish in that place, one of our team members felt to pray for 3 kids that were fighting nearby. She started a conversation with them had the opportunity to share about Jesus and pray for them. In the end they received Jesus as their Savior. Hallelujah!!! Now we pray that they will get the full revelation and understanding of who Jesus is in their lives. Through these events, we could see that God is always enthroned on our praises.”


What the school is about

The School of Worship will consist of a 12 week lecture phase and a 10 week outreach. During the lectures students will learn about how to develop their personal lives to become a person who worships God in spirit and in truth. This means learning about worshipping God from the heart, the importance of godly character and integrity, being whole-hearted and developing our personal relationship with God. Students will develop their knowledge in areas such as who God is (His nature and character), the history of worship, and worship in a cross-cultural or missions context. They will be given opportunity to develop skills in leading worship teams and musicianship. Students will also develop their skills to use prayer and worship to advance God’s kingdom in the nations through intercession and spiritual warfare.

The lecture phase will be followed by a 10 week outreach where students will be able to practically apply the skills that they have learned on the school. By the end of the school, students will not only have learned about worship but will have developed a lifestyle of worship that will continually touch and impact their lives and the lives of others wherever they go.



If you are interested in applying for the School of Worship here at UofN Bali, please do so through our website www.uofnbali.org/school-of-worship/ or by contacting registrar@uofnbali.org . Please note that the pre-requisite for admission to the School of Worship is the successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM. This is a 5 month training program that is offered in hundreds of YWAM locations around the world. Here at UofN Bali, we run the DTS program 3 times a year in January, June and September. Please check our website for exact dates and info. For other DTS’s around the world, please go to www.ywam.org for more information.

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