Dunia ini tidak lagi seperti pada mulanya Tuhan ciptakan. Sudah bukan tempat yang baik untuk [...]

In September last year we ran a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with 18 students. Students [...]

What a year 2012 was for us here at UofN Bali! Last year began with great uncertainty for us, [...]

Featured DTS: May DTS
Featured UofN Training: CDS
his is a DTS designed for adventurers who want to “know God and make Him known” in Asia. Bali is an Island that in many ways is a place where East meets West...

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n the school, we will learn how to contribute towards the transformation of communities in all spheres of society. We will learn a wholisitc approach to the gospel that will contribute towards transforming people’s lives physically, intellectually, socially, economically as well as spiritually

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