Benoa Ministry is serving poor families in slum area around Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. About 20 minutes drive from our base Jimbaran. We teach children age 4 to 13 years old some basic English, how to read and write and also we have bible stories class for older kids age 10-13 years old to teach them some bible principles.

This ministry was started by Alan Lim, our founder in 2010 who that time met a man who worked as a diving instructor and he invited Alan and his wife Susie to visit his family who live in the slum area in Tanjung Benoa. Alan saw the opportunity to gathering the kids and played with them. From there it develop to a class where they didn’t just play but also learn basic English.

You can come teach in our different classes. We have three different classes. Basic English for kids age 10-12, math and basic English class for age 7-10, read and write class for pre-school kids or you can help us in our bible story classes or just come and play with them!

Most Indonesian schools (public or private) require children to know how to read and write when they enrol into elementary school or they need to have Kindergarten certificate. Most of their parent cant afford to send their children to attend kindergarten. So we are there to help younger kids who want to attend elementary school how to read and write so that they can be accepted into grade 1. .

Icha and Lilin, now age 7 are two of our faithful kids. They came to our class when they were 3 and didn’t know alphabet at all. Now they are on grade two and one of the smartest kids in their class. Parents are so thankful so they open their homes for us to use the classrooms for others to come learn. Icha parents are now our main contact person for this ministry and they always invite others parents to send their children to our class.
Harni, Benoa kids Staff