Traffic Light Ministry is about bringing God’s light into dark places and demonstrating God’s love to those who have not experienced it. It’s about building relationship with the mum’s and children who beg at the traffic lights at night time and letting them know that theyre life has hope, value and purpose.

It began with a ‘random’ evening spent with the mums and children begging on the street and a few confirming words from God that followed. “Go back to them and love them”.

All you need to join this ministry is to be full of God’s love for people. Be that through a conversation, sharing a meal or playing games. Having a heart for children who are at risk is a bonus and you can’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Our ministry is unique because we meet and hang out with the mums and children in the middle of a highway!

We bring hope to those who have none and also link with partner organisations who offer schooling, training and housing for those who desperately need it.

To get in touch or for more information feel free to email me at or get in touch through the UofN Bali website.

I will always remember when a child said to one of our staff member 'I am not as beauty as you'. And the staff said 'you are beautiful because you are God's child and He made you unique. Then the child gave the longest hug I've ever seen her give anyone.
Joe, Street Kids Staff