Application Form

A team leader should complete this application on behalf of their team. Please also attach a

team photo in the email when returning the last 3 pages of this document filled out.


To help you prepare to do outreach in Indonesia we have put together some general

information and FAQs about Indonesia and our base. This will hopefully answer most of your

initial questions.

Items to Bring

It is helpful to have an idea what you can bring or buy here..


There is a recommended budget for this outreach, including some required fees.

Ministry opportunities

We have different opportunities to work with ongoing ministries from uofn Bali or other


Permission Releases and Legal Information

All releases and legal information must be filled out and signed before your application can be



Everyone on your team should have a valid passport with an expiration date at least six months

after the conclusion of the outreach, or else they may be barred from entry into Indonesia.

Please also check visa information for each nationality on your team. If you are unsure, you may

contact us for confirmation.

Flight Booking and Airfares

Arranging transport to and from the outreach destination is the responsibility of each team.

Travel/flights should not be booked until your application has been accepted.