Rote is a beautiful island. It takes 1.15 minutes from Kupang by fast boat. God led us to go there to pray for the island, and also to worship  and to ministry to the people.

One day, we had prayer walked around the city. It’s a very small city and it only takes about one hour to walk around it. During that time, we felt to declare God’s word in every place we went to and to spread scripture around that we wrote on pieces of paper as a prophetic action to the city and the island. As we walked, we gave these scriptures to people we met. Some wanted to received it but others were scared. We asked them to read it out loud as a declaration and a reminder to themselves and others who heard them.

As we passed by one house where 3 young man were sitting, I felt to give them each a scripture and then to say good bye and leave them. But as I walked out, they called me to come back. I called my other team members to join me. They were curious about what I’ve given them and begin to read out loud and ask questions related to that.  The scripture we gave them was about ‘the fruit of the spirit’ (Gal. 5:22-23). It open a door for us to begin a conversation with them. They felt really encouraged even though they weren’t Christians. To close our conversation, we asked if we could pray for them, they looked very happy and received the offer.

At the same day, on our way back home, we stopped by a traditional market to get some house supplies. Two ladies were sitting at the front of a shop selling their vegetables. My friend and I felt to gave them scriptures. They were curious at first and then they accept it, we had a conversation with them. They are nominal Christians. The conversation led into the topic of how a Christian life is more than just going to church and do a ritual religion. It’s about having relationship with Jesus and loving HIM with all of us. At the end of the conversation, they wanted to receive prayer and dedicate their lives to Jesus, so we prayed for them and blessed them….Halelluyah !!!  As we talked to them, we believe people around also heard what we’ve talked about, as we saw them looking at us and we believe God also will touch their heart.

Back home  we were full with joy, we believe every seed of God’s words and prayer will never return in vain but the Holy Spirit will continue to water it in every heart and it will bear a harvest of salvation in that city.

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