We are excited to announce that we will be pioneering the Soccer DTS here at the UofN Bali.

We are excited about establishing this DTS at our YWAM base as we already operate a significant soccer ministry to the young people in our community.  We have also been able to influence different spheres of society through this ministry as local government officials and church leaders in Bali have been impressed with our programs.


Impacting lives through soccer

Our soccer club often appears in the local newspaper as well.  Our soccer ministry has been having a significant impact in the lives of the young people in our community and their families.

Through our soccer ministry, we not only provide training in soccer skills and facilitating competitions.  We also provide instruction in biblical values and character development.  A recent testimony came from someone who told us that they know which kids are a part of our soccer ministry because there is something different about their behavior and character from the other kids.  It is a privilege to see their lives impacted and changed and to be able to share the gospel with them and to impart hope and purpose into their lives.


A testimony

One recent testimony was from one of our staff training the goal keepers.  First he told them to clean up the garbage on the field, but they picked up the garbage and put it in one spot on the side of the field.  So our staff set up the goals beside the garbage!  None of the kids wanted to stand beside the garbage.  Our staff was able to share with them that there is garbage like anger and hatred in our lives that God wants to get rid of.  He asked if any of them struggled with unforgiveness towards others, and a number of them said yes.  So he challenged them to get rid of this garbage, to pray to God and release forgiveness towards those that have hurt them.


Our staff had these kids pray and ask God if there was anyone they needed to forgive.  Some of them heard God’s voice say a name, and some saw a picture of someone they need to forgive.  They were shocked!  So he challenged them to pray and ask God to help them to forgive those people.  These kids prayed and released forgiveness towards the various people that God revealed to them.  Afterwards, they said they felt something different in their hearts, that something had changed.  They felt a peace that wasn’t there before.


Kingdom advancement through soccer

As we mumpung (Indonesian word for seizing the moment, making the most of) these opportunities that God brings to us, we are having impact in the lives of these kids.    We are seeing God’s Kingdom advanced through soccer!  Sports really do bring people together, tears down walls and develops relationships – key aspects of the kingdom of God.  With the development of this ministry, we’ve felt led to pioneer the Soccer DTS here at UofN Bali.  We’re calling students to come and join this school who have a heart for God and a love for soccer.  During the 3 month lecture phase students will be challenged in growing in their relationship with God and becoming a disciple of Jesus that impacts the world.


Work with a FIFA certified coach

There will also be opportunity to serve alongside our Soccer ministry and to enjoy playing soccer and futsal with both believers and non-believers from our community.  You will get to work along side the leader of our Soccer ministry who is a Fifa certified coach (from the soccer mad nation of Brazil even!) with a passion for Jesus.  After the 3 month lectures, there will be a 10 week outreach where you will use soccer to advance God’s kingdom and impact the lives of others.  So, if you feel you would like to be a part of this school or you know someone who would like to join, please enquire through registrar@uofnbali.org or you can lodge an application through our website here: Register .


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