It has been an exciting year for us as we’ve moved into our new campus here in Bali. We will send out an update soon about how that is progressing. It is not just the growth of our facilities that we are experiencing. We are also seeing growth in many other areas as we work towards advancing God’s Kingdom here in Indonesia.

Our September Discipleship Training School (DTS) has just started with 34 students. This is the largest DTS we have ever run here at UofN Bali. We have 17 students from Indonesia, with the other students coming from USA, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, England, India and Malaysia. Bali is known as a gathering place of the nations. Unfortunately, the nations are usually gathering here to get drunk and party. However, it is special to see believers from around the world gathering here at UofN Bali with one heart and one purpose – Jesus and His Kingdom.

I think this is one of the things that makes our context here in Indonesia so special. Students can come from around the world to UofN Bali and not only learn more about God, but also learn more about Indonesia. The national motto of Indonesia is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, or “Unity in Diversity.” It means that even though we have many different people groups here in Indonesia, we are one. This principle is actually a reflection of the Trinity. God is the ultimate example of ‘Unity in Diversity’. It is an aspect of God’s Kingdom that He desires to replicate in this world – that even though we come from many different nations, we can celebrate and enjoy our differences and yet still be one in Christ.

As a gathering place for the nations, UofN Bali is also a place where Indonesians can gather and learn from the nations. We have staff and students from every continent (apart from Antarctica) represented here. Our classroom is like a little glimpse of heaven described in Revelation 7:9, where people from every tribe, tongue and nation are standing before the throne of God worshipping Him.

The DTS has just completed week 1 of lectures on the ‘Nature and Character of God.’ All of our mission and ministry begins with our relationship with God. It is essential that we have a correct perspective of who God is that is based on truth. It is out of our understanding of God and an intimate relationship with Him that we are able to partner with Him in building His good Kingdom in this world.

We are looking forward to everything God will do in the lives of the students over the next 5 months. It is exciting to see their lives transformed as they go through the DTS. For those that are interested in our next DTS, it will start next year on 24 January 2020. Please pray that we will see many of these students commit themselves to following God and fulfilling His dreams among the nations.

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