Seminar 14th - 27th May 2017 Field practice 29th May- 16th June 2017


The Frontier Works Seminar/Coaching is a “fast track” to working among unreached communities by using simple, proven and fruitful methods of sharing the gospel and forming discipleship groups that reproduce. Teachers and coaches will come from active field workers.

This is a 2 week training seminar and an optional 3-5 weeks of field coaching designed to give the essential equipping for frontier workers to make disciples amongst unreached communities in Bali and beyond.

Fruitful contemporary strategies will be taught by international and local experienced field practitioners.

The Frontier Works seminar is a short adapted version of the School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) specifically developed with input from SOFM graduates to provide the shortest and most effective training for those that serve and will serve on the frontlines.



How to share the gospel; Teaching Includes practical application within nearby communities


How to make discipleship groups that multiply. This is a teaching workshop on principles and practice of leading groups; studying scriptures using the Discovery Bible Study method; and how to promote reproducing groups through obedience oriented discipleship and accountability.

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Indonesian History and Culture
Islam and Contextualization

Training For Trainers (T4T)
Obedience Oriented Discipleship Movements
Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

Hinduism and Animism (2 - 3 days)
Field placement & orientation (2days)

This field coaching phase is an opportunity to practice what is learnt under the mentoring of experienced field workers . The goal is to become familiar and experienced in the simple methods that will give confidence to be used in longer term projects among the unreached or back in more familiar home communities. Placements & coaching will be dependent on available coaching staff and suitability of participants to the field context.

The goal in this coaching time is to train people in practical skills and motivation to start multiplying discipleship groups among the unreached.

The main focus will be on our PROJECT 777 target people (the island chain from Bali to Kupang) but these skills will have application to any people groups.

The Frontier Works seminar is specifically developed with input from practicing field workers to provide the shortest and most effective training for those that serve and will serve on the frontlines.