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Updated: 20 October 2020

Indonesia has been initiating and adjusting various lockdowns throughout the year. Currently, across Indonesia, businesses and domestic travel have opened up again. Indonesia currently has 365,000 recorded cases with over 12,000 deaths from COVID19. Most of the cases and deaths are concentrated in Jakarta and the island of Java. Here in Bali, we have had 4,100 confirmed cases with 80 deaths. New cases have remained consistent and have yet to drop.

Here in Bali, the vast majority of tourists have left, and all international flights are cancelled. We have started to see the return of domestic tourists, but not in large numbers. Schools remain closed, and people are not allowed to gather in large numbers. Religious gatherings like church services are restricted to 25 people.

Due to the pandemic which began during our January 2020 schools, we had to send the students home after they concluded their lecture phase. The June schools were cancelled. We recently received local government permission to run the September DTS which is running at this time with ten students, all from Indonesia. Indonesia is not granting visas at this time, so international students were unable to come. We have just been informed that Indonesia’s borders will remain closed until the end of the year. We are hoping that they will reopen in time for our January 2021 DTS and School of Worship.

We have continued to operate here in Bali with a staff of about 50. We have various protocols in place to help protect our community and to help our staff be able to minister with wisdom and minimize risk. We recognize that this is a crucial time to reach out to people in need with the love of Christ. The number one industry in Bali is tourism, so the people here are very dependent on tourism for their income. Even though we have had to cancel most of our ministries, we have had the opportunity to find families in severe economic difficulty and give them food and share the gospel with them. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to pursue God and demonstrate His love to those here in Bali and across Indonesia.

Updated: Wednesday 15th April

Nationally – The Indonesian government has put a prohibition on all foreigners coming in to Indonesia at this time, apart from those with long term visas. It is now mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when going outside.

Locally – Bali as off yesterday has 92 confirmed cases with a majority being imported cases.

Campus Update

  • Our January 2020 DTS is in it’s last week with more than half of our students online from their home (nations).
  • We are still not receiving volunteers or guests at this time.
  • It is looking likely that we will need to cancel our June Discipleship Training School and Bible Core Course.  
  • The School of Worship, currently scheduled for September, will likely move to January 2021.  
  • We are still hoping to run a DTS in September, but that is dependant upon the current corona virus situation in Indonesia to improve by that time.  

We will keep you updated on any further developments.

Updated: Monday 16th March 16.40:

In the last 48 hours the Indonesian government has released both international (Indonesia) and national (Bali) protocols in regards to COVID-19. We will be following these protocols:

  • Inline with international protocols we will no longer be having large group gatherings. 
  • We will be following the local protocols and we will:
    • Stop all our ministry activities.
    • We will no longer be receiving any guests on campus.

This will be for 14 days and we will then re-asses the situation. We have no cases of COVID-19 on campus and are being diligent in practicing good hygiene and following all government given protocols.

Updated: Saturday 14th March 12.35:

As of yesterday, Friday 13th of March, we have put extra protocols and health safety measures in place.

  • We will not be processing any team or volunteer applications for now. This will be for one month and then we will reassess the situation.
  • We will not be receiving outside visitors for our corporate times on Monday and Thursday. This will be until further notice.
  • Some of our ministry to vulnerable groups have stopped until further notice.
  • We will only be allowing necessary (visa-related) travels for our staff.
  • We are advising our staff/students/volunteers to not be amongst large crowds.
  • We have implemented more stringent health and safety measures on campus.
  • We continue to run our schools and training programs and processing students applications. We are continually monitoring and assessing the situation while keeping our applicants updated on the latests developments.

Updated: Thursday 12th March 18.00:

While there have been no confirmed cases in Bali. Since we posted the original post there has been a confirmed case/ fatality of a foreigner who according to the health department had contracted the virus before she came to Bali.

Original Post: Wednesday 11th March

As UofN Bali, we are aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and continue to monitor the situation closely.

We want to reassure you that we are taking the situation seriously and continue to follow the guidance of the Indonesian government, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We have infectious disease protocols in place and are taking the necessary steps to minimise the spread of viruses through our community.

  • UofN Bali does not have any of our staff or students in China nor other countries which are experiencing major outbreaks of COVID-19.
  • Additionally, we are monitoring our staff travels, and are taking necessary precautions upon their return to our campus.
  • At this point, we do not have any students on field assignment.
  • We will continue to monitor the outbreaks, prioritising our students’ safety as we make decisions about their field assignment locations.

Please continue to pray for this COVID-19 situation, for healing for those who have the virus, wisdom for the governments and organisations leading us at this time and for peace and comfort for those who are experiencing fear.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our situation:


UofN Bali leadership team

This post was last updated on Saturday 14th March 11.51

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