Photo Walk – Bali’s Hidden Beauty

  A group of photographers explored local Bali through the lens of a camera. The photographers truly captured the unseen character of everyday life on this photo walk. This Island is full of rugged beauty, allure, and unexpected charm. “Everywhere I look I

A simple act of kindness by the road side in Bali

Some months ago, I was sitting by the road side in Bali waiting for my turn to get a haircut. A beautiful little girl came up to me, put her hands out and asked, “minta uang”, meaning, “please give me some

Stories from our DTS students

In September last year we ran a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with 18 students. Students came from the nations of Indonesia, Philippines, Austria, Trinidad & Tobago, England, and the USA. The lectures finished in December and those students are currently

Looking back and ahead!

What a year 2012 was for us here at UofN Bali! Last year began with great uncertainty for us, as the owners of the property housing our classrooms, dining and accommodation facilities attempted to break our lease and have us

Testimonies from the IPHC

The Introduction to Primary Health Care school has been on outreach putting to practice that what they have learned during the lecture phase. Below are some of their stories as they where helping people and showing God’s love. In an

Base Christmas Celebration

“Is it going to rain?”  That was the thought on our minds as we prepared for annual Christmas Party.  The clouds had been getting darker all afternoon as we decorated our yard with colorful Christmas decorations.   The staff from

Healthcare team reaches out

We took our health care team to a poor and remote area on a neighboring island.  It was our third visit to this area.  On our first day we went up to the main village area and greeted the village

People are hungry for Jesus

Rote is a beautiful island. It takes 1.15 minutes from Kupang by fast boat. God led us to go there to pray for the island, and also to worship  and to ministry to the people. One day, we had prayer

SOW’s final outreach report

The School of Worship just finished their outreach in Indonesia and Timur L’este. Here is one more praise report from the team. “Praise the Lord, because of Him we were able to do the impossible during this SOW outreach. He

Car Accident

Dear Friends, Wednesday morning one of our DTS outreach teams of 7 was involved in a car accident in East Timor near the village of Weberek, about six hours away from Dili, the main capital. Two girls (students) are injured.