In the coming days we are planning to send a team with relief supplies to a remote village in Lombok.


Some of our staff members personally know the people and the area. They have been getting messages from many friends there about the needs. Most of the homes are destroyed and people are sleeping in the rice fields. The needs at this time are tarps, tents, blankets, rice, water, and other food items such as fresh nutritious vegetables and fruit.


Our base, staff and students are all safe. Although we do feel the earthquakes, it’s impact in Bali is a lot less with only some buildings, closer to the epicenter, that have been damaged.


Please keep our relief team in your prayers. Currently we are assessing safety of transportation as we are getting reports of looting and robberies.


We are currently looking to raise $9000 USD that will go towards relief supplies. Any assistance to help meet this need would be much appreciated! A donation can be made through Paypal on our donation page.



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