At some point we all experience doubt in our life. Even those of us that grew up their entire lives in a Christian environment, like myself.

Some of the questions that come to us in times of doubt: “Is God real or is God in my imagination? or “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers”.

Even with a bible in our hands, there is no roadmap for having these questions answered in our heart. But it might be the right time for God to strengthen our foundations, even in seasons of doubt.

So, take a deep breath and stop for a moment.



Realign yourself to God’s nature and character.  He is holy, loving, tender and kind. Remember He is our ultimate Father who wants to pour out His love on His sons and daughters. His plans are always best and He will never harm us. He is the King of Kings. He is our provider. His intention is to always bring something good for us out of hardship.

Romans 8:28 says: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”




God created us in His love. Genesis 1:27 says “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” From the beginning God created this world because of His love so we can rule and nurture the world. God sent Jesus to set us free from our sin, so we won’t perish.

God DESIRES to reconcile us to Himself. He wants to save us from destruction. We belong to Him. How much more He wants to pour out His love on each one of us.

The devil is the father of lies. He wants to steal, kill and to destroy. When we understand this, we can stand up and reject all his lies.




In other words, give thanks for the good things that God has given in your life. Instead of taking things for granted we should rather give thanks.

Give thanks even only for small things like the air you breathe or the house you live in. Give thanks for your family  and your friends. What He has already done is the proof of how much He loves us.




Use your talents, abilities, and skills to connect with God. If you like to draw, then draw with God, let the drawing be a conversation. If you like to run and exercise, do it with God. Talk to him as you move.




Look over things that you’ve written such as your journal and words and promises He has spoken to you. There might be things that you have forgotten.

Reading over these words again will remind you of what God has already spoken to you so you can hold on to it.




Remember that God uses people around you to comfort you and to show you who He is. Share your struggles with others you trust and don’t hold back.

Sharing with others will bring things to the light. And God can bring revelation to you through the conversation.





Last but not least, study scripture. We all know that reading our Bible is a good habit. But by studying it you can go deeper. Look at it’s context. Look up the original Hebrew and Greek meaning of words. This way, a whole new dimension to the Word of God will open up to you helping you to be grounded in your faith even more.


We worship the invisible God yet He is real. He is an infinite God immeasurable by human knowledge or wisdom. In the presence of God we find an everlasting peace and life that sustains us.

One Psalmist says “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I go to flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7).

As much as our hearts tend to wander, there is a voice inside, the Holy Spirit. He is our guide and leads us on the right path.

Our responsibility is to choose to listen. What will your choice be?


by K. Jelfa – Media Staff



K. Jelfa has been part of our media team close to 3 years. She writes insightful articles from perspective an Asian believer. telah menjadi bagian dari media tim kami hampir 3 tahun. He loves photography, running along the beach and spending quality time with friends.  

4 Responses to “7 Ways to overcome doubt as a Christian”

  1. Jaco le Roux

    Some more thoughts on this topic….
    Since it is lies that cause doubt to exist… and most of the time there are truths that counter the lies…
    If you look at waves that come from the sea, there are waves, for as long as there is a wind…
    The moment there’s no wind, there is also no waves.

    So if the waves are like the lies, and the wind is like the liar.
    How would Jesus do it?

    Would He not rebuke the wind & then silence the waves?

    We have the authority to resist the enemy, but he has nun to resist us, save if we give it to him.

  2. Jason

    Kezia ia awesome

  3. Charles Chauveheid

    AMEN and AMEN and AMEN and HALLELUJAH! To GOD be all the Glory and the Honor!
    Thanks for sharing the tips…. it is obvious and it all makes sense.

  4. kabands meshac

    God bless you brother

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